Marvel Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Quiz

How well do you know Captain America movie? Let’s find it out with this 10 questions about Captain America: The First Avenger movie quiz!

Captain america the first avenger movie quiz -

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Who plays the character of Captain America?

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Chris Evans

Where was the Tesseract first found on earth?

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Who does experiments of Steve Rogers?

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Dr Abraham

Who is Steve Rogers in love with in The First Avenger?

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Agent Peggy Carter

What is Captain America's shield made of?

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Who is Captain America's best friend?

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Bucky Barnes

Where does Captain America make his suicidal plane crash in the movie?

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Where is Steve Rogers from?

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How many times did Steve Rogers try to enlist in the military?

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Which Infinity Stone appears in the movie?

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The Space stone

Marvel Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Quiz

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