Best Buy Iron Man Helmet Prop Replica

Which one is the best buy Iron Man helmet replica? This is what I want to talk about to you today!

Online we can easily find Iron Man helmets with a price range between $90 to even over $600. Which Iron Man helmet to buy? And which one is money worth it?

It all depends, of course, on what you are looking for exactly. Is it a cheap and based model, or is it an expensive, collectible, wearable, and also prop replica helmet that you are looking for?

In this post, I don’t want to talk about the cheaper helmet, but instead, I want to talk about the iconic, difficult-to-find, and a little expensive best Iron Man Helmet replica that will make you absolutely happy to own one.

The number 3 on the list of best buy Iron Man Helmet is the MK I

Iron Man Mark I helmet lifesize prop replica -

This is the first iron Man MK I helmet that Tony Stark built to escape from prison in the first Iron Man movie (2008)

Life-size prop replica scale1:1 of the original.

Wearable but more suited for collectors using this helmet as a display as it is an iconic piece.

Fully metal made with leather on the inside. You can also completely open the face shell.

If interested on purchase the Iron Man Mark I helmet or you just need more info you can find the link below:

Full Metal Iron Man Mark I Helmet

The number 2 on the list of best buy Iron Man Helmet is the MK 46

This Iron Man Mark 46 helmet replica is a superb replica.

Metal Electronic Mark 46 Iron Man Helmet 1:1 Replica -

The brushed metal effect and also very highly detailed helmet make this mask one of the best.

“One touch type” opening and closing system. Just tap on the side of the helmet to open and close the face plate. No remote is needed. Fantastic!

Also, illuminated eyes function is present in this helmet based on the Iron Man Mark 46 suit armour.

Fully wearable with a head circumference of 60cm.

Based on Captain America: Civil War popular movie. You can see the unboxing and function video below:

If you are interested in more info or directly to buy one, you can find the link below:

Iron Man Mark 46 Helmet

The number 1 on the list of best buy Iron Man Helmet is the MK 5

The Iron Man Mark 5 helmet is the newest model you can find online.

Also, metal brushed like the previous one but with more function.

One of the best parts of the MK 5 Iron Man helmet is the voice control system that allows you to open and close the face plate.

Just ask Jarvis to open and close the helmet.

There are actually three-way to open the face plate:

The classic “one touch type” that we saw already in the Mark 46 is the voice control or the remote control (included with the helmet as well).

You can even ask the intelligent system to activate the fight mode, and the eyes will become red. Just wow!

As you can see from the official Autoking video below, the helmet gets opened in two different ways.

You will find the link for more info or to purchase you MK 5 helmet below:

Iron Man Mark 5 Helmet Replica

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