Which is the Next Marvel Movie to come out? Phase 4 and 5 of the Marvel Centre Universe


Millions of people eagerly await the next Marvel movie to come out.
There is no doubt that they are the best movie producers in the world. It can be evidenced by the number of people that watch their shows. From small children to adults, they can’t seem to have enough. 

Avengers endgame is the world’s leading grossing movie ever, and Marvel is still looking to add more groundbreaking film. The Marvel Cinematic Phase 4 was unveiled by the head Kevin Feige, and it consists of several movies expected to be released by the end of 2022.

One of the major announcements by the Marvel Studios head is Black Widow, which will star big names in the industry such as Scarlett Johnson, Angelina Jolie, Simu Liu, and Mahershala Ali. 

Marvels streaming company Disney+ will host a number shows while others will be hosted on the big screen. Furthermore, Sony and Marvel made announcements that they are working on another Spiderman movie. That cleared the rumors that they were about to go separate ways because of profit-sharing disagreements. 

Marvel’s cinematic universe next phase is going to change a lot due to the recent studio mergers. For example, Dark Phoenix will be rebooted by Disney’s umbrella, and it may include new actorsFerge Also announced that original X-men and Fantastic Four movies are at work in a comic con event. That means that we might see the avengers fighting X-men or fantastic four very soon. 

The Next Marvel Movie to come out: Phase 4

1. The new Mutants

the new mutants movie poster - marvelofficial.com

Release Date April 3, 2020

A young cohort of actors has been chosen by Fox to take the roles of the X-men movies. Longtime cast members such as Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender will exit the Franchise. The new cast will be the third group to act the X-men. Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, and Ian McKellen were among the first cast.

The new cast will involve some famous names such as Maisie Williams, Henry Zaga, Charlie Heaton, and Anya Taylor-joy. We know them from popular shows such as Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and 13 Reasons Why.

2. Black Widow

First Black Widow (2020) Trailer

Release Date, May 1, 2020.

We all know that Black Widow will be the first Marvel movie to come out. Johansson Scarlett will take over the Natasha Romanoff character. Furthermore, David Harbour from stranger things will take over Alexi while the sister figure (Yelena Belova) to Natasha will be Florence Pugh. Other new characters that will take significant roles in the movie include Rachel Weisz and O-T Fagbenle

There are some rumours that the General Ross William Hurts and Robert Downey Jr will be included in the cast. Marvel’s CEO said that Black Widow action would take place in Budapest after the events of Civil war’s Captain America.

3. The Eternals

the eternals 2020 movie poster - marvelofficial.com

Release date: November 6, 2020.

Back in 2018 Kevin Ferge again revealed that The Eternals comic book-based movie was in development. Soon after, Chloe Zhao was named as the director of The Rider. The Eternals is based on situations and characters imagined by Jack Kirby. Besides, the movie involves proto-humans that are fantastically powerful. Celestials engineered them to harness massive amounts of cosmic energy. Deviants follow after generations of wars and fighting against each other. Some reports show that on Sersi will be the Eternal where the movie will be centred, and the Eternals will have powers such as molecular manipulation, immortality, strength and flight.

4. Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Release date, February 12, 2021

Apparently, Marvel is adding more movies to its phase 4 slate. Shang Chi is based on a martial arts sensation character from a comic book known as Master of Kung’fuThe movie will launch on the Chinese New Year date, i.e. On Friday 12, February 2021. Shang Chi role will be played by Simu Liu, while Mandarin will be Tony Leung. 

Destin Daniel, who once worked on a film known as Short Term 12 will be directing. He worked with a star from Captain Marvel Brie Larson, and he will be working with her again in a new film Just Mercy. The whole intention behind this film is to make an Asian American equivalent Black Panther.

5. Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness movie poster - marvelofficial.com

Release Date, May 2021

On December 2018 director Scott Derrickson finally signed to return. We all assumed that the film would be released by Marvel in 2022. However, new leads show that the film is set to be released in May 2021.  The supreme sorcerer is still Benedict Cumberbatch who will be joined by Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet witch. Scott Derrickson Dubbed Doctor Strange as the 1st scary MCU movie. Although it has not been announced anywhere yet, we expect Doctor Strange to face Mordo who is trying to amass all the magic. 

6. Spider-Man Homecoming 3

spiderman 3 2021 movie poster - marvelofficial.com

Release Date, July 16, 2021

It’s open that sony owns all the rights to Spiderman technically. However, they teamed up with Marvel to produce Spiderman: far from home and homecoming. That’s why sony allows Peter Parker to sho up in MCU movies like Infinity War, End Game and Captain America’s Civil War. 

The two studios struck a deal to make an ensemble MCU and at least one more solo movie. Tom Halland is still the man to play Peter in the third entry.  

7. Thor (Love and Thunder)

thor love and thunder 2021 - marvelofficial.com

Release Date, November 5, 2021.

Jane Foster is the new Thor in town. During the Sandiego Comic-Con, Natalie Portman announced that she would return to the Franchise. Chris Hemsworth will not be Thor, but he will still be in the wandering Odinson. The film takes this new twist from the comic book written by Russel Dauterman, Jason Aaron and others. The new King of Asgard Valkyrie will still be Tessa Thompson. We expect Loki to return to tease his nameless brother in either of his manifestations. The film fits in the Marvel Center universe because of the events from Loki’s series. The Disney show will determine Loki’s Character in Love and thunder, and we might get some leads to Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3.  

The Next Marvel Movie to come out. Phase 5 and Beyond

8. Blank Panther 2

black panther 2 2022 - marvelofficial.com

Release Date, May 2, 2022

Black Panther 2 will happen as confirmed by Marvels head Feige. Thanks to Avengers Endgame’s events we are now pretty sure that Chadwick Boseman will be reclaiming the throne. The film will still be written and directed by Ryan Coogler. There is no doubt that we will see the same big names for round two. For example, Danai Gurira, Lupita NYongo and Chadwick Boseman. In Avengers Endgame, we saw Okoye and Lupita mobilizing the Wakanda warriors to fight. That means the trone is sitting empty as the citizens wait for Shuri’s and T’challa’s return.

9. Blade

Release Date, TBA

Marvel will reboot Blade with Ali Mahershala as the star. During the Santiago comic conference, Ferge invited Ali to the stage while announcing the True Detective and Moonlight star as the main cast. The blade will not be released until 2022 since MCUs phase 4 runs from 2020 to 2021. Back in 1998, the production cost for the blade was about $45 million, and it earned almost triple the amount at the Box Office. That inspired the release of Blade II and Trinity in 2002 and 2004 respectively.

​​10. Captain Marvel 2

captain marvel 2 movie poster - marvelofficial.com

Release Date, TBA

The universes most powerful superhero role will be reprised by Brie Larson in the Captain Marvel Sequel. All we have for noware guesses off the events that may take place in captain Marvel 2. A movie set in the 1990s is when Captain Marvel makes her debut. We recently saw her in Avengers endgame, helping others to save the world against the doom of Thanos. However, there are still some doubts about when the events of Captain Marvel will take place. It could be after when Thanos is defeated or between the events of Endgame and Captain Marvel.  

11. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 movie poster - marvelofficial.com

Release Date, TBA

The development of Guardians of the Galaxy next movie to come out has not been easy.  Initially, the film was set to be rolled out in 2020 until Disney fired James Gunn.  The events of firing him were caused by the revival of some of his old tweets. However, all his colleague cast members showed support in a joint statement. 

Disney later rehired Gunn on March 15 after he made apologies of his old tweets.  Of course, Disney accepted the apology. After being fired by Disney, Gunn was immediately hired by Warner Bros to work on the second sequel of suicide squad. That is the reason why the premier of Guardians of the Galaxy may be delayed until he completes working on Suicide Squad 2

12. Fantastic Four

fantastic four - marvelofficial.com

Release Date, TBA

The fantastic four franchise will be back according to Marvel’s head Feige at a comic-con. However, we are still waiting for the release dates. We are sure that it will come out after the phase 4 project. So we won’t see it on the big screen until the end of 2022 or early 2023.  For many years Marvel studios did not have any rights to produce the fantastic four or even the X-Men. Also, when Fox made a film about the superhero film, it underwent a lot of criticism. But now tha fox and Disney are merging we will see the fantastic four in the Marvel Centre Universe.

13. Into the Spider Verse 2

Into the Spider Verse 2 - marvelofficial.com

Release Date, TBA

Now that Miles Morales knows how to handle and control his powers, we might see him on the action very soon. In the next show, the film will concentrate more on him and not the other spider people as we see on the first spider-verse. Besides, we may have an all-female spider verse spin-off starring Gwen. The fans were left craving for Penni Parker and Gwen Stacey. Both belong in different parallel spider verse’s worlds. We should expect all this female spin-off movie to consist of heroes like Spider-woman.

14. Venom 2

venom 2 movie poster - marvelofficial.com

Release Date, TBA

Sony is independently producing some films using Spiderman’s characters. Despite teaming up with Disney to release homecoming. Earth 2 Italia Venom is the first film of the series from Spiderman’s comic books. However, these characters will exist in a different universe. The shooting of the movie scenes begun in November 2019, so the movie will not be premier at least until 2021- 2022. Tomie Hardy will play Eddie Brock as a man infected by venom from an Alien Symbiote.  The first movie, Venom, was a hit, so we expect we are something a good show.

15. Ant-Man 3

ant man 3 2022 - marvelofficial.com

Release Date, July 29 2022

After endgame’s action actions, Scott will be expected to put his life together in the next film. However, this time is different because people have acknowledged him. In addition, we hope to see a reasonably unusual relationship between him and Cassie (Emma Fuhrmann).  We expect Janet, and Lilly to adjust to a healthy life after the Snap return. Ant-Man 3 will be among the first releases of Marvel’s phase 5 project.

So who will be the Villain in Ant-Man 3? There are very low chances of Sonny Burch returning to seek revenge for the third time. I think the sequel could have a new villain coming into play. Also, Elias Starr, who was revealed as her father in part of Ghosts backstory could come back. The fact that he was killed in the quantum experiment doesn’t mean he won’t come back.   

We could also be looking at a more futuristic villain because a lot has changed in MCU’s world. But who knows what might be cooking inside Marvel studios?


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