Best Marvel female characters

Although the Marvel Universe may seem oversaturated with influential male figures, film, Tv shows, and original comics have some of the most influential Marvel female characters ever published.

Not only are these women physically powerful, and they have abilities that we can only conceive of, but they are also emotionally and intellectually superior.

The unfortunate thing is that Marvel’s movies are only now caught up in the reality that viewers continue to see more of these strong female characters. Luckily, we’re still seeing a lot more of them as more Marvel movies come out.

The following list includes some of the characters who we want to see more. This is because they are, without doubt, some of the most potent Marvel female characters.

Without further ado, here are 17 Strongest Marvel female characters.

17. Gwen Stacy (Spider-Gwen)

Gwen Stacy Spider-Gwen - Marvel female characters -

Now, I can’t say I fully understand why this one is on the list, and that’s coming from somebody who loves the show and has at home a Spider-Gwen statuette.

Given how fresh this version of the character is (and we should only take this version of the character into consideration, since the original Gwen had no superpowers) compared to some of the characters who didn’t make the list, it’s quite shocking that she got into the top.

The character is brilliant, however, having said that, and so is her story. 

Since she was only meant to have a cameo role in the Spider-Verse, she became so popular that Marvel gave her a spin-off series, which is currently on her second volume after the reset of the All New-All Marvel numbering.

I would definitely recommend checking out the series if you’re a fan of Spider-Man. And Also would like to get away from the main-series BS by giving a modern take on classic characters in a whole new continuity and strong characterisation throughout.

Oh, the costume is also great.

16. Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp)

Janet Van Dyne - The Wasp - Strongest marvel girl characters -

A founding member of The Avengers, the Mightiest super-team of Marvel, and their first female leader, as well as being the one who gave their name to the team, Wasp is a very important character in Marvel continuity.

Growing from the weak link of the original team to being its second longest tenured leader and one of the best operative teams, Janet also had to overcome much more than most in her super-hero career, including her father’s murder, spousal abuse, her husband being framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and the usual amount of death, near-death, and resurrection.

As a fashion designer, she always has a new costume design for each season, whether all of them are good or not is arguable.

15. Jean Grey / The Phoenix

Jean Grey The Phoenix - Best Marvel female characters -

Jean Grey is one of the most compelling characters ever published, even without the enhancement of the Phoenix Force.

She becomes exceptionally talented as she utilises her often erratic telekinetic and telepathic abilities.

Her mutant ability is equivalent to that of Professor Charles Xavier and, when combined with the otherworldly Phoenix Force, exceeds his ability.

The telepathic strength of Jean enables her to transfer something directly through her mind.

This means she can drive aircraft out of the sky, manipulate people in any direction, and even tear their skin out of their bodies.

In the forthcoming Dark Phoenix movie where Sophie Turner plays her, we’ll see a lot more of Jean.

14. Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff Black Widow - Stronger Marvel characters -

Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow, may not have Jean Grey’s telepathic and telekinetic abilities, but she is a master spy.

The tenure in globe-wide intelligence agencies, as well as collaborating for various masterminds, brought the skill set that few Marvel female characters had.

Therefore, even the most formidable protagonists will quickly be outsmarted.

The features of Black Widow make it easier for her because many are falling under her influence.

The original member of Avengers is also a practitioner in martial arts. Although she prefers to use different weapons and high-tech gadgets deserving of the praise of Iron-Man, her main arsenal is her flesh.

Watch the new Black Widow 2020 Marvel Official Trailers.

13. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch - Marvel female character -

Scarlet Witch certainly should be on a compilation of all time’s most compelling characters.

After all, her abilities are practically limitless. Although the Avengers movies demonstrated the supernatural powers of Wanda Maximoff in practice, they did not display the full spectrum of her skills.

Her contrast to the comic book gets to show us much more.

She will rewrite reality in the comics as we know it to match her own needs. And she’s doing this with just a little bit of fury, minimal concentration and three small words.

This changes every character as well as all their storylines in the Marvel Universe.

You’re not getting stronger than that. It’s a bit ridiculous.

12. Spider-Woman

Spider-woman - Powerful Marvel Character -

Spider-Woman is the fusion of the Spider-Man of Peter Parker and the Black Widow of Natasha Romanoff.

Not only does Spider-Man have all the strength, but she is also a super spy and private investigator. This makes her both tactically and intellectually powerful, physically solid.

Although Spider-Woman has a somewhat convoluted story of a birth that has changed her over the years a few occasions, she has always been depicted as a formidable woman.

With S.H.I.E.L.D. & HYDRA, Spider-Woman, AKA Jessica Drew, had many experiences. They found her more boring than her famous male counterpart.

Like Drew, naivety will disrupt the analytical talents of Peter Parker.

11. Spectrum

Marvel Spectrum - Marvel woman characters -

Spectrum is one of those popular Marvel female characters not identified to most people. She’s one of those that everyone should learn, however. That’s because she’s one of the compelling Marvel female characters.

Spectrum, also known as Monica Rambeau, was a former New Orleans Harbor Patrol Lieutenant who was introduced to extra-dimensional radiation and acquired the power to transform into any sort of electromagnetic spectrum technology.

It means she can run, fire lasers, and turn herself into one at the speed of light.

Spectrum has been around for a bit, but she hasn’t made it into the film. Chances are, on the projector, she will fit well.

Here is the anticipation that we will soon be able to see this strong character in practice.

10. Emma Frost

Marvel Emma Frost - Best Marvel female characters -

Emma Frost, AKA The White Queen, like Jean Grey, has telekinetic powers that allow her to cause visions in the minds of others.

So soon as she’s close enough to them, she can also understand precisely what anyone feels.

It appears to be a valuable ability in the books, and in X-Men: First Team, as she can easily manipulate and confuse her enemies.

Frost can also make her body a diamond shape. She is utterly impervious to other psychic assaults while in this condition that could otherwise render her worthless.

In addition to this, her diamond form brings strength and durability to her.

9. Storm

Marvel X-Men Storm - female character -

Wouldn’t adjusting the weather at will be nice? Will you find a rainy day deserving of the beach?

Okay, it can be this iconic character of X-Men. However, it would be a monumental understatement to say that keeping things sunny was the limit of Storm’s forces.

The Storm will wipe out entire regions by calling for a storm, depending on which cannon you pursue.

Lighting appears to be the favorite weapon of Storm because, at any given time, she can order it down from the sky to stun her enemies into compliance.

The Storm is also a natural leader who tends to make the most out of the forces of others. It suited her intelligence to make her incredibly powerful.

8. X-23

Marvel X-Men X-23 - Best X-Men Female Character -

Why are you at the root of the Wolverine Hugh Jackman?

Okay, it may not be realistic, but it comes close to X-23, AKA Laura Kinney.

She’s a much younger, female version of the hero after all. Interestingly, even X-23 has spikes sticking out of her paws, replicating how a lioness is stalking her victims.

More importantly, X-23 has Wolverine’s incredible ability to heal. Her supernatural power makes her one of the Marvel world’s most formidable heroes.

In the gritty Logan, we see x-23 through practice. Perhaps, in her very own spin-off / Logan continuity, we can see her in motion again.

7. Captain Marvel

Marvel Captain Marvel - Best Marvel women characters -

As we found out in the Captain Marvel movie, when caught in a blast of radioactive energy, Captain Carol Danvers gained her awe-inspiring abilities.

It allowed her the ability to consume and redirect energy at will, and to create light and heat beams. She also can fly and increased physical strength and durability.

Captain Marvel also has a cosmic consciousness, not unlike the Spidey Sense, which helps her to sense danger just before it happens.

Typically this will send her a one-up over her rivals.

When she succeeded in making her big-screen debut in early 2019, we should all be excited about it.

6. She-Hulk

Marvel She-Hulk -

There is no need to search beyond the Hulk family of superheroes while gazing for physically active protagonists in Marvel comics.

After a blood transfusion from her uncle-Bruce Banner-Jennifer, Walters acquired her Hulk abilities, but her talents came with a little more versatility than his.

Besides being just as strong as the Hulk, she also retains her abilities as Jennifer Walters when She-Hulk is in her green skin.

She can throw her enemies and throw criminals as an attorney in jail.

5. Jane Foster

Marvel Jane Foster - Best Marvel Superhero -

Jane Foster has been one of Marvel Comics ‘ brightest and most beautiful women for a long time. She was more than “just Jane” for a while, however, as she also wielded Mjolnir as Thor.

Jane could handle it with one raised hand instead of researching electrical phenomena.

Unlike Loki, because she could rescue herself, Jane did not need anyone to help her.

Then, there was that nasty side impact with her illness and practically holding Mjolnir running.

Few characters in comics are as powerful as Jane Foster in mental and physical terms.

4. Crystal

Marvel Crystal -

The television series of Inhuman did not do justice to the Inhuman Princess Crystal.

Crystal seemed to be doing little more in the show than letting the wind blow, but in the books, Crystal was a master of all four elements.

Not only can she manipulate wind, water, and fire, but she can make the Earth move literally.

Her knowledge of the world around her renders her nearly challenging to defeat, although she is misunderstood by many people who connect with her.

We just see her as the little sister of Medusa or the love interest of Quicksilver.

3. America Chavez

Marvel America Chavez -

If a comic book fan wants character strength and will, America Chavez is a character they need to know.

A new addition to the characters ‘ Marvel universe, she has been a Young Avenger, and in recent years she has even led her teams.

America is not just a kick-butt; it can kick gaps across worlds, enabling it to fly through new realities and taking others on the journey.

2. Rogue

Marvel best X-Men Female hero Rogue -

Rogue is as successful as ever, one of the first Marvel comic book figures to get mainstream attention due to the animated series of the 90s X-Men and the live-action films of the 2000s.

She also has one of comics ‘ most fascinating abilities, rendering her reasonably relaxed.

With nothing more than a simple touch, Rogue can manipulate the powers of another.

This ensures she can be as powerful as anyone with whom she comes into contact. He also maintained the abilities of Captain Marvel for a period or two.

1. Nemesis

Marvel Thanos Nemesis - Marvel villain -

The best way to complete this list of the best Marvel Female Characters is to include an all-out villain like Nemesis.

This character is the result of bringing together the six Infinity Stones with the “Seventh Gem” lost. This sentient being created by bringing these seven incredibly powerful objects together.

Nemesis has all the abilities of Infinity Stones, and because of the existence of the “Seventh Jewel,” she has them on a higher level.

Now, just consider Thanos ‘ influence from the Infinity War and two to three times more.

This Marvel female character superhero is, without a doubt, not only one of the strongest Marvel female character protagonists but also one of the most powerful inventions yet.

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