Marvel Official Giveaway

Marvel Official Giveaway -

We will update this post every time a new Marvel Official Giveaway will be on. Stay tuned then!

Marvel Official is delight to give the chance to everybody, also around the worlds, to take part of our Marvel Official contest.

How to enter the Marvel official Giveaway

What do you need for participate to our Marvel free Giveaway?

Just an Instagram account. Exactly! You only need an Instagram account.

Our Giveaway contest will take part on the @marvelofficialcom Instagram page, and you will have to follow just three simple steps:

Who can take part in the Marvel Giveaway, and How do I win?

Everyone around the world can take part in the Giveaway contest.

All the prizes will be shipped at zero cost. We cover the shipping price and as well as possible fee all over around the world.

The winners will be randomly selected from the @marvels_art Giveaway post. Also we will check that you are following the page, liked the post and that you tagged a friend.

October Marvel Official Giveaway

Here we are for another Marvel Official giveaway!

Sorry to make you wait for so long!

The OCTOBER MARVEL GIVEAWAY is available on our Marvel Instagram page as usual, and it will last until October 11th.

The rules are the usual ones:

  • Like the post
  • Follow @marvelofficialcom (at least until the end of the Marvel contest)
  • Tag a friend who would also love to participate the giveaway

There will be 3 lucky winners this time and the prize is the Marvel Iron Spider Funko POP.

Marvel avengers infinity war funko pop iron spider exclusive -

The winners will be announced at the end of the last day through an Instagram story, and they will have to contact @Marvelofficialcom via DM.

The winner will receive a coupon that will make the price 0$. Shipping and fees are on us.

Good luck to everyone!

January 2021 Marvel Official Giveaway

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the January Giveaway.

The contest is open from the 2nd of January, and it will close on the 19th of January.

So go and take part in the Marvel Giveaway on the @marvelofficialcom Instagram page right now!

Remember to: Follow the page, like the post, and also tag a friend to enter the Giveaway.

For those who are asking, the prizes will be a choice from our:

Yes, you did understand right!

We are giving you a chance to choose a product between our Marvel Keychain, our Marvel Ring, and also our Marvel T-Shirt!

There will be in total 6 lucky winners:

  • 1 will get one Marvel T-Shirt
  • 2 will get one Marvel Ring
  • 3 will get one Marvel Keychain

The winners will be contacted via Instagram DM, and they will be tagged in @marvelofficialcom story.

I would unfollow the page till the Marvel giveaway contest is over and also don’t lose the chance to take part in the next one!

Good luck to everyone!

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